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Nice to see The Hummingbird fluttering again!

Elizabeth Stalcup

Uh oh. I've been waiting for the day they all leave. Will I feel different?


I find myself not blogging like I should. Glad to see I'm in good company. I have no excuse - well, I guess I stay too focused on working for other people (aka making money) and less on myself (aka trying to make money).

Anyway, my daughter keeps telling me "it's not so important WHAT you write, it's THAT you write." So, every blog does NOT have to be the Great American Novel? Too funny.

I'll be sure to take a few breaks each week and scroll on over to see what you're writing about. I sure enjoy being here. I'll need to stop by more often. Take care and keep up the good work!


yeah I know the feeling, I've outdated my blog and my followers were kind of angry on me because of that. But anyway,I want to find at least 20-30 minutes per day to take care of the blog...


theoretically speaking, when you take the 'responsability' to have a blog, you must daily update it, not to mention that some do it a couple of times in a day too. but we all now that in practice, everyone has other issues to deal on a daily basis, so, at least once a week updating i think it would be just fine. drinking your coup of coffee on a saturday morning, sitting at your desk and starting the day writing about your latests, it's just fine.

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