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Claire (not the crazy one)

I have a Jewish friend who, upon my telling her that burying a St. Joseph statue would ensure the sale of any house, nodded in recognition. "Oh yes," she said, "We have a tradition of burying something in the lawns of the homes we sell too. We call it a 'For Sale' sign."

Jer Dufresne

Nancie, I love it. St. Joseph was my favorite saint when I was a kid. Why? Because I saw a picture once of this hunky carpenter showing the baby Jesus how to plane some wood, and I fell in love. Best of luck on selling your home. Jer

Carol Morris

Nancie: My son Ryan passed on your blog on St. Joseph because I too am an empty nester (ain't it great??) Fortunately, in living in 15 houses over the years, I've never had to resort to the St. Joseph method but my older sister did several years ago. She too scoffed at the idea at first but in desperation tried it. It worked! But St. Joseph kits--you gotta be kidding!!


Carol, how fast did it work??

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